Thanks to all of you who offered opinions on our makeup options for the Area 1 CDE's that were canceled today. There are never any good options once a CDE day is canceled and I apologize to any Chapter or student that will be eliminated because of conflicts with this new date.

We will have the Area 1 Parliamentary Procedure, Conduct of Meetings, and Discussion Meet on Wednesday, March 21st at Pepperell High School. The schedule for the day will not change. We will register at 4 and start at 4:30 as long as everyone is there on time.

I want to thank Mrs. Emilia Jackson for her heroic effort to replace and/or reconfirm 17 judges in a matter of hours. I know it is easy to overlook but the logistics of rescheduling any CDE day are monumental. ..especially one with that many outside participants. Thank you Mrs. Jackson.

I hope all of you have a safe evening and I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday,


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