At the  invitational FFD’s there are a few minor things that I need your assistance on.



1.       Make sure all competitors know the difference between the junior and senior events and fill out the correct score sheet. (junior sheets shall be a color other than white)

2.       Please make an effort to register all students that you bring at one time in the event slots. (it is difficult to prevent errors if all students from a school are not registered in sequential order on an event sheet)

3.       Students must put their name and chapter on their score sheet. ( first and last name, and the name of the FFA Chapter that brought them ( Do not use initials for the school, if you have a middle school and high school with the same name; make sure they indicate middle or high) This is especially important in the junior division, AND IF ONE DID NOT HAVE A FULL TEAM).

4.       Students need to register their chapter name the same way you signed them in. We do not know where the communities such as: Funston, Sale City, Fowltown, Pebble Hill etc… are unless we are from the area.

5.       Please sign in your team on the team sign in sheet. This allows the even host to gather their information that they need & to check for errors.

6.       If possible, if you have a “no show” in an event; please put down your chapter name and in the student name area name them SCRATCH. (This will help prevent errors and searching for students who are not there)

7.       These FFD’s are treated like a “stock show”, when it’s over, it is over. But, comment is always welcome to make the next event, or the next year’s event at the same location, and your students better.

 These are just a few things that will help our students and make us more competitive as we move on. 

See you next Monday & the rest of you on Thursday.


Keep it up, 


Shawn S. Collins
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