Please remember the upcoming due date of March 30th for your FFA roster, enrollment, and FFA convention registration . The reminder below is a copy of Mr. Lastly's previous email with a few items that may be helpful to get you rosters and enrollment complete. Some of the common items that sometime cause issues are addressed below. 

"Because you are “crazy busy,” I offer the follow simply as a reminder. Please don’t forget that your AgEd enrollment and FFA membership for the Spring semester are due March 30. In order to meet that deadline, each teacher should complete the following by March 30. 

1. Make sure that each student who is/has been enrolled in your agricultural education classes throughout this school year (year long, or by semester/9-weeks) is listed on your Student Enrollment tab with their course(s) declared. 
2. Make sure that at least 80% of your AgEd students are declared as FFA members and submitted for state FFA membership through your online enrollment/roster system.
3. Make sure that your dues/affiliation fees are postmarked to the State FFA Office.

***Please be mindful of duplicate students. When you are on your FFA roster page (Pending Submission column on right and Submitted Members column on left) be sure to take a few minutes to look for duplicate students before submitting. Check the names of the students on the right who are about to be submitted to see if that student already shows up on the left side of the page. If they do, then un-check that students name in the Pending Submission column so they don’t get submitted for membership more than once. 

Also, if you see a student listed twice, you should send one of the two entries to the “Deleted Student” folder so that the student does not count twice in your enrollment count. 

If you have any questions about your enrollment, roster or dues/affiliation payment, please call our office and let us assist you. 


Many of you have been asking, so I will share a membership update. As of the end of last week, our statewide membership total was 38,457, putting us about 3,400 members behind last year’s total. In order to reach a 20th consecutive year of growth, we need any last minute FFA members who you may be waiting to add, to be added by the March 30 deadline. If you have already submitted your total enrollment and completed your FFA membership for the year, then THANK YOU! If you still have some to submit, please carve out some time in the next two weeks to insure that important task gets completed. 

As you know, POW evaluations are quickly approaching. Another reason to complete your enrollment/roster by the March 30 deadline is to be ready to meet that important standard on your POW. 

I salute each of you for the outstanding work that you do and the impact you are making on young people. If you need some comic relief and/or motivation, check out the attached photo. It can be both! Please call on me if I can help you.

Ben Lastly
Executive Secretary
Georgia FFA Association "

Ira Tucker

South Region Director
South Region Agriculture Education
2802 Moore Highway
Tifton, Ga. 31793
229-386-3428 office
229-425-7619 cell