The Area V Welding Contest was a great success yesterday. This event would not have been successful without the help of the following:
 - Melvin Thompson - Retired South Region Director 

 - Jimmy Grubbs - Retired ABAC Instructor 

 - Todd Hicks - ABAC AET Professor 

  - Von Peavy - Retired Ag Educator and ABAC Professor 

The high individual from each process will advance to the South Region Weld-Off, which will be held at ABAC on Monday March 19th. Check-in will begin at 1:30 and we will begin welding at 2pm. Remember at the Weld-Off each student will have to complete all 4 processes (SMAW, GMAW, Brazing, & Cutting).

High Individuals 
SMAW -  Brandon Jenkins of the Bainbridge FFA, Advisor Mark Lashly
GMAW - Jim Stewart of the Irwin Co. FFA, Advisor Chris Paulk 
Brazing - Grant Matthews of the Tift Co. FFA, Advisor Heath Cross
Cutting -  Hunter Jones of the Brooks Co. FFA, Advisor Matt Howell

*Note We did have a tie in the Team Score at 288 points!*  According to the South Region Welding CDE bulletin:


In the Possibility of a tie in team score, the team with the highest individual Brazing score will be declared the winner. In the case of further ties, the team with the highest individual Oxy-Acetylene Cutting score will be declared the winner; followed by the highest individual GMAW score and finally the highest individual SMAW Score.


Flint Helms of the Crisp Co FFA 76 Points - 2nd
Adolfo Iziguirre of the Bainbridge FFA 56 points - 6th

The Top 2 Teams will be recognized at the Area Banquet but do not advance to any other events. 
1st Place Team -   Crisp Co. #1, Advisor Eric Dixon
2nd Place Team -  Bainbridge # 2, Advisor Mark Lashly

Please see attachment for Complete Results


Jerry Stone

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