I realize many of you may be on spring break this week, but I wanted to send this email for you to double check the attached state degree list for the correct name spelling for your students. During the certification check, I recorded their name from page 2 where it states, "Name as you want it to appear on the certificate".  This will be used to record the name of the student on their certificate as well as announcement on stage. I just wanted to be sure that this is how you or your student wants it recorded! If I don't here back from any of you by tomorrow morning, I will submit this list to the State Office before lunch.

I hope all is well, and hope all of you enjoy a much needed spring break!!!


Jerry Stone

Area Agricultural Mechanics Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
ABAC 34, 2802 Moore Hwy
Tifton, Ga. 30602
Cell: (229) 891 - 6020