There are still a few slots available in the Georgia Adopt-A-Stream/Project
WET class next Tuesday at Flincum's Phoenix (650 Phoenix Rd, Athens, GA
30605). If you are interested please register on the CTAERN Website and let
me know. I have attached an agenda for the workshop.

The Adopt-A-Stream Chemical Monitoring workshop is designed to teach
volunteers about basic stream water chemistry and how to conduct the
chemical tests using hand-held field equipment. The basic set of tests that
volunteers are asked to conduct includes dissolved oxygen, conductivity,
pH, and temperature. Advanced tests may include alkalinity, phosphate and
nitrate-nitrogen. Volunteers are given a field test and written test to
assess their ability to collect accurate and precise data. Volunteers who
collect data within 10% accuracy and pass the written test with a score of
80% or better will be considered a QA/QC volunteer for one year.

The Bacterial Monitoring Workshop will teach volunteers how to monitor E.
coli levels in their streams. E. coli is an indicator organism that is
often used to assess the water quality. Monitoring levels of E. coli can
help identify possible sources of pollution. This workshop will focus on
proper collection of a water sample; transfer of sample onto plates that
will be incubated, and proper interpretation of results. Volunteers who
successfully perform the bacterial monitoring and pass the written test
with a score of 90% or better will be considered a QA/QC volunteer for one

Project WET’s mission is to reach children, parents, teachers and community
members of the world with water education that promotes awareness of water
and empowers community action to solve complex water issues. Providing
knowledge to educators at all levels, formal and non-formal, on diverse
water topics so that those educators can reach children with objective,
experiential, science-based water education.
Teachers will be expected to provide the $30 certification fee for Project
WET. Please make checks payable to North Region FFA.

Brandon Ray
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Agricultural Education
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