The application for the Elementary Ag Programs is posted on our website.  I
am also attaching the application to this email.   Please share this
information with the appropriate contacts in your local education school
systems who may be interested in implementing the Elementary Ag Ed program
in your system.

*Please contact Mr. Bridges, Mr. Corzine, Mr. Lastly, Mr. Mitchell  or Mr.
Tucker with questions on this program. *

Applications are due June 30th.

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Date: Mon, May 7, 2018 at 11:09 AM
Subject: information on Senate Bill 330 (The Georgia AgEd Act)
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Fellow Agriculture Teachers,

As we witnessed at the 90th Georgia FFA Convention during session 5, The
Georgia Agricultural Education Act (Senate Bill 330) was signed into
Georgia Code by Governor Nathan Deal. We were fortunate to witness this
history-making event and now get the opportunity to work toward the future
with this new legislation.  This solidifies the agricultural education
model of instruction and provides for expansion of the AgEd program into
the elementary school grades. There certainly has been a great amount of
attention on agricultural education because of this legislation. We are
fortunate to have so many great supporters as evident by the fact that it
passed in the Georgia Senate 53-0 and the Georgia House by a vote of 163-0.
As agriculture teachers, we should all take pride in the fact that “The
Georgia Agricultural Education Act” has become part of the Georgia
Legislative Code with no opposition. It is rewarding to see the value
others place on the AgEd model of instruction. I truly believe it validates
what most every agriculture teacher believes and works toward every day.

Senate Bill 330 provides that the 3-component model of agricultural
education is fully operational. Beginning July 2018, any state board of
education approved course in agricultural education must also be
accompanied with a Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) for the students
enrolled and the opportunity for student leadership development through the

Additionally, there are still many questions pertaining to the legislation
that provides for an elementary agriculture “pilot” program. Hopefully this
email will help with some of the initial questions as we begin to move
forward. If you have not read Senate Bill 330, I encourage you to take the
time to look it over.

Attached you will find more information about the timeline for beginning
the elementary AgEd programs. If you and your school system is interested
in being involved in the pilot program for elementary school AgEd, please
pay attention to the timeline and contact us if we can help in any way. We
hope to start receiving applications for the Elementary AgEd Pilot Programs
during the month of June. It is anticipated that the schools (and school
systems) participating in the pilot program will be named on August 1,
2018. As a reminder, the legislation gives us until the 2019-2020 school
year to implement the first elementary AgEd programs.


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