I am very upset by this sad news. Year ago  I met Him in Prague at the Int. Congress of Protistology. It was so short time ago. Then He was interested in some  commensalic  ciliates (Chontricha) and next I tried, with not success,  to find them on  the Baltic shore.  I remember Him as a person who was serving in many ways to the whole community of ciliatologists. In His book "The  Ciliated Protozoa" He was very careful  to save a lot of contributions on whole spectrum of ciliates. For many years  He was excelent editor of  the J. Euk Microbiology. In Prague in the hotel Pyramida He offered cover of the Congress expenses to young scientists attending the Congress, funded by the Society of Protistologists, During the Congress every morning He was sitting at the Hotel lobby, at a special desk, receiving applications of young people. Then He was working as a volunteer- clerk. So I wiill remember professor Denis Lynn not only as a scientist , but also as a man of Service, and as very friendly person. We missed Him very much.

Andrzej Kaczanowski

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