This is very sad news. I vividly remember his visit to our university in 2015, great lecture and a fine dinner discussion afterwards about ciliates and a bit about UBC (I was there in 1975/76 as a graduate student with J. D. Berger)

Thanks for sharing

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Aaron: Very sad news and thanks for sharing.

Denis will certainly be missed but his many contributions will live on with his published work and his many other contributions and collaborations which will always be cherished by colleagues.

Our paths crossed moderately frequently when he was at Guelph which is only an hour from Toronto where I am. But as always, we saw each other and interacted much too infrequently and that became even less frequent when he moved west.

A great loss.


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On Thu, 28 Jun 2018, Aaron Turkewitz wrote:

> I'm very sorry to share the sad news I've just received, that Denis Lynn died yesterday while conducting field work on the central coast of British Columbia.
> Aaron Turkewitz