Dear Colleagues,

most of you already heard the bad news about Denis Lynn´s decease, which makes the entire community really sad…
We want to call in remembrance Denis work, his devotion to his science and recall his relationships with the community at the approaching Ciliate meeting in Washington starting at July 17th.

We ask you therefore to send us some pictures/photos, of which we want to prepare either a ppt slide show or a poster, where people could also write a short condolence by hand and we are going to send this later to his family. 

If you want to help us please send (to [log in to unmask] ) 

(i)	Some photos of Denis which you really like, while teaching, while sampling, with others, whatever..
(ii)	You may write a few words in the email or more personal, write by hand, scan it and send it together with the mail

Chad, Naomi and Martin