Ag Teachers,

We have reached the mid-way point of the summer, and the new school year will be here very soon. I hope that you have (or soon will) had the opportunity to take some time with your family this summer to relax and recharge. We will be together next week at GVATA Summer Conference where you will receive a lot of information. The information below and attached is something that I wanted you to have an opportunity to see and absorb prior to conference. I will go over this information next week, and will be available for questions as well.

Most of you know that at the end of May we gathered a group of teachers and state staff to review all of our current CDE and Award guidelines. The revisions offered will go into place for the 2018-19 school year, and we will face another full scale review process in 2021. Like you, our staff has been busy this summer with training, applications, PLU classes, etc…While we don’t yet have the finished guidelines to post for each CDE/Award area, I do have a good summary of changes that you can expect. The attached document lists each CDE/Award area, with an explanation of what changes will be in place for 2018-2021. The written guidelines will be posted online very soon. We’re are double checking to make sure that all pieces are correct.

I appreciate the people who spent their time helping review these guidelines. As you can imagine, creating a document that pleases everyone is probably not a realistic goal. I’m sure that there will be some level of discomfort with these revisions. Change often brings discomfort. Change can also bring progress. The people who gathered in late May to do this work represented you well. They put great thought and effort into creating guidelines that are fair, challenging, and clear. I am proud of the work they did and look forward to seeing your students put this into action very soon.

Please travel safely to Lake Lanier Islands. I will see you there. Please do not hesitate to stop me if you have questions.

Ben Lastly
Executive Secretary
Georgia FFA Association
316 Poultry Science – UGA
Athens, GA 30602
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