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It¡¯s my great pleasure to announce that the Tetrahymena Comparative Genomics Database (TCGD) is online (


TCGD now contain the genome sequences, transcriptome data, predicted genes, functional annotation, ortholog groups of newly sequenced nine Tetrahymena species. Among them, three species (T. borealis, T. elliotti, T. malaccensis) were sequenced by Broad Institute and JCVI (supported by NSF funding to Robert Coyne), and previously available in TGD wiki. TCGD have hyperlinks to direct the user to these three genomes in TGD wiki. The rest six genomes (T. pyriformis, T. vorax, T. canadensis, T. empidokyrea, T. shanghaiensis and T. paravorax) sequenced by the Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (supported by NSFChina funding to Wei Miao). All the genome data can be access and download from TCGD now.


TCGD still use Gbrowse to visualize the genome data, like in TGD wiki and TetraFGD. In addition, Multi-Genome Synteny Viewer (mGSV) was re-programed and built in TCGD to show the synteny maps between different species.


Please feel free to send comments, suggestions, or questions to Dr. Jie Xiong at [log in to unmask] or meet with him in Washington meeting this week. 


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