Are you planning to have students participate in the floral design CDE?
There will be 4 floral design workshops again this year.
Each participants will make 3 different arrangements that directly relate
to their CDE.
They will get to take home all of the arrangements they make at the
Each school is allowed to bring 2 junior and 2 senior participants - four
students total.

Cost is $25 per person to attend. This includes all materials needed to
complete each of the arrangements including wire, ribbon, flowers, etc.
Checks should be made payable to Central Region FFA.

Workshops will start at 4:00 and will conclude around 7:00pm

Participants will need to bring:
1. Wire cutters
2. Scissors/ pruners to cut both soft and woody flower stems
3. Needle nose pliers
4. Floral Adhesive/ Glue

There are 4 Floral Design Workshops - choose the location you would like to
attend - there are two workshops in Area 3 and two workshops in Area 4.

West Laurens High on Wednesday, August 29th   -   Last Day to Register was
Thursday, August 22nd
Jones County High on Thursday, August 30th   -   Last Day to Register was
Thursday, August 22nd
Upson Lee High on Thursday, September 6th   -   Last Day to Register is
Thursday, August 30th
Burke County High on Tuesday, September 18th   -   Last Day to Register is
Wednesday, Sept 12th

Click here to register

Thanks, Melissa

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Horticulture Teacher
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