Now is the time to begin preparing for submission of proficiency
applications for this year.

Waiting until December/January puts unwanted pressure on yourself, parents,
and students.  Go ahead and sort through student SAEs and make a list of
those that have the potential of completing a good application.


   - assign Performance Review Pages in small bites - go ahead and work on
   the written parts
   - categories (more than likely) will remain the same - even though you
   can't open a new app, you can begin working in the old one and transfer
   information over
   - Set specific dates each month to gather as many potential applicants
   as possible - they can work together - strength in numbers
   - It is much easier to sort through and identify top pathway skills now
   - accumulate inventory data and update from last year
   - balance financial pages now and then all you have to do is update each
   - State staff are currently receiving "0" proficiency questions - NOW is
   the time to ask :)
   - take pictures
   - communicate with parents to take pictures
   - communicate with students to take pictures
   - Did I remember to say take pictures?

Let's take some of the pressure off January!

Let us know if we can help in any way.


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