I know the school year is just beginning for most of you but it is time to
start planning for the Georgia National Fair in Perry.  Entering projects
into the Georgia National Fair is a great way to meet the SAE part of our
standards.  There is a lot available for your horticulture students at the
fair.  An incentive for your students is this is a great chance for them to
win some individual prize money.

Each chapter is eligible to enter:

    - 5 Mini Horticulture Booths (no theme)

Click Here for a* FREE HORT-BOOTH H <>**OW

     - 5 Agriscience Research Booths (any topic area not just Horticulture)
Booths (no theme)

     - 1 Large chapter Horticulture Booth (Theme -Careers that Bloom and

     - 10 Landscape Drawings - hand drawn or computer generated

     - 5 Live plants

     - 5 Silk Flower Arrangements

Click here for compete contests rule from the fair website

Horticulture exhibits are pages 18-29

*Floriculture & Nursery/ Landscape ID Contests*

Chapters may also enter teams for the ID contests at the fair.  This is
great practice for the area competitions.  The fair also awards prize money
and plaques and ribbons for the Top 2 Teams and Top 10 Individuals.
Students competing in the ID contests will have 30 mins to identify 25
plants and 5-10 tie breakers.  The 25 plants will come directly from the
contest ID list.  The tie-breakers will be equipment, disorders (seniors
only), and plants that also come directly from that event's identification

Each school is allowed to enter:

Junior Floriculture ID - 1 or 2 teams

Senior Floriculture ID - 1 or 2 teams

Junior Nursery Landscape ID - 1 or 2 teams

Senior Nursery Landscape ID - 1 or 2 teams

 Jr and Sr Floriculture ID and Jr and Sr Nursery/ Landscape ID will be held
on Tuesday, October 9th.  All ID events will take place inside the

*Teams will be assigned competition times once the fair receives your
registration.  You will receive a separate email from me after registration
closes regarding your assigned time. Competition times range from 9:00am -

*Floral Design Competition*
The Floral Design Competition at the Fair will be on Tuesday, October 9th.
Check in is at 10:30am and the contest will begin promptly
at 11:00am inside of the Miller Murphy Howard building.  A 30 minute time
limit will be strictly enforced.  Each chapter can enter up to 2 students
(designate junior or senior).  Students must bring their own tools and
materials and a completed cost sheet.  Total cost of the design must be
between $25 and $35 based on current wholesale products with NO materials
listed as free. Juniors and Senior designs will be judged separately.  More
information will be sent out separately from Trisha Lastly

*Registration** & Password*

*All of the above items** must be registered *
*through the  Georgia National Fair by Wednesday, September 19th *


*You must have a password to enter items into the fair.  You can email
the fair to get your password or if you have your user name and password
from last year, those are still good. *

Advisors should call 800-987-3247, ext. 555 or email [log in to unmask] to
obtain required password.  Passwords must be obtained by Monday, Sept 17th.

*Registering ID Teams *

*- Each ID Team Requires up to 5 separate registrations *

   - 1 register for each member on the team

   - 1 register as a team -

   - Prior to registering, teachers/advisors/agents must obtain a password
   by contacting [log in to unmask]
      - Please include your school’s contact information (address, phone
      number, advisor’s/agent’s email address) in the email
   - Deadline to obtain password is two days before entry deadline. • Note:
   It may take up to two business days to process password requests, so please
   do not wait until deadline day to make your request
   - When you get to the online registration site, choose “Club” from the
   drop-down menu.
      - Choose your club name and enter your password to proceed.
   - Individual events must be entered in the student name.
   - Chapter/Club competitions must be entered in the club name
   - Enter the school name (or county name for 4-H) in the first name field
   and the type of club (4-H, FFA, FCCLA, etc.) in the last name field.
   - There will be no substitutions allowed. Placeholders may not be used
   for exhibitor names.
   - Entries registered incorrectly will be disqualified*** • We advise
   using the same password for all entries.
   - Be sure to read your department’s information in the “Competitions”
   section; print to use as a reference during registration.”

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you,
Melissa Riley

Melissa Riley
Central Region Ag Education
Horticulture Teacher
1005 State University Drive,  Box 4060
Fort Valley, GA 31030
office - 478-825-6067
cell - 478-973-4071