Good morning! Just wanted to make sure everyone was aware that you can now
register your students for the upcoming Floral Design CDE. Registration
will close on Friday September 14th at 1:00 pm. This is necessary for so I
can get accurate numbers for the floral product as well as t-shirts. I have
attached the t-shirt design.

*Sign In:* 4 PM
*Contest Starts*:  4:30 PM - Please make sure your students arrive on time
as this is a timed event.

*Senior Students:*  Create 1 Design, 25 Flower/ Hard Good ID, and 25
question Test
*Junior Students:*  Create 1 Design,  25 Flower/ Hard Good ID


*Area 2  FFA Floral Design CDE, October 1st @ East Jackson High School

*Area 1 FFA Floral Design CDE, October 2nd @ Cass High School Cafeteria

* There is a $12 cost for materials.
* The designs can be taken home by the student at the end of the
competition once scoring is complete.


*Students should bring their own tools such as:

-floral scissors

-wire cutters

-a small hand held broom/dustpan for area cleanup

-5 gallon bucket for keeping flowers

- SENIORS may want to bring an extra vase or bouquet holder stand
 *All other materials/supplies will be supplied for the student. Students
should not bring their own ribbon or wire.

CDE Dress

*It is recommended that students either wear official dress or a chapter
shirt. They can take their jackets off while designed if needed.

Photo Opportunities

*Advisors/Teachers and/or parents will not be allowed in the contest area.
Photo opportunities will be made available after the competition once
judges have reviewed and scored the designs.


*I have attached the revised Jr and Sr Rules.  Please review
this information prior to practicing with your student.


Click on the following link -
Click on Floral Design Fresh Product for help with Flower ID
Click on Floral Design Hard Goods and Materials for Equipment ID

Click on this link -
for past scenarios and tests

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