I hope your school years have gotten off to a great start and that you have many excited students ready to get the most out of their Ag experience.

I have attached all of the documents and information concerning the upcoming Region Rallies to be held at the FFA Center in Covington. We have a few changes from last year so please read this email carefully and go over each document in its entirety. 

The Area I Rally will begin on Thursday, September 6th at 3:00 pm and conclude with lunch on Friday. The Area II Rally will begin on Friday, September 7th at 3:00 pm and conclude with lunch on Saturday.

The registration limits for this year will be 15% of your total 2017-18 FFA membership. This means that if your Chapter ended last year with 150 FFA members, you would be able to register 23 for the rally.

The cost of the Rally is $50 per student with Advisors and Chaperones attending free if you register by the deadline. This cost for students includes a Rally T-Shirt. In the past T-Shirts have been ordered separately. We are asking that you bring all payments to the Rally. Please do not have a bookkeeper mail a check. 

VERY IMPORTANT - One you have registered online, you will receive an email confirmation. This email will contain a link where you can go back and edit your registration numbers right up until the deadline. Please save this email so that you can edit your own registration numbers. At midnight on August 22nd, the site will close and you will be responsible for whoever you have registered at that time. T-Shirts will also be ordered based on the registration numbers at the deadline. Please note that this deadline is a full two weeks before the Rally. This is very different from in the past where we could alter numbers up until a few days before the Rally. Providing a T-Shirt with registration requires that we get a final count at an earlier date. Based on availability, there may be a possibility to add students after the deadline. You may email Josh directly to see if there is any space available. Please note, however, that students added after the deadline may not receive a T-Shirt.

On the day before each Rally (Wednesday for Area I and Thursday for Area II) we will ask that you go online and fill out a final rally roster and lodging request form that will be made available through google docs. You will be sent a link to this site at a later date so as not to confuse it with the registration link.

We are looking very forward to a successful year and the Region Rallies are going to be a great way to kick it off. We hope your Chapter can join us.


Here is an explanation of the documents attached:

1. *Parental Consent Form* - This is 3 documents in one attachment. Each student *must have all three* filled out and signed to be allowed to register.

2. *Challenge Events* - This attachment contains the rules for the Advisors Challenge, Mud Obstacle Course, and Opening and Closing Ceremony Competitions. It also contains a separate permission form that *must be filled out* for any student that wants to participate in the mud course challenge, blob, or the slip and slide.

3. *Rally Agenda *- This is the schedule of activities including the Chapter Challenge Activities, Opening and Closing Ceremony Competition, Leadership Activities, Award Ceremonies, Assemblies, Dance, and Meals.

4. *Rally Flyer *- This is a promotional flyer to post in your classroom or send home with students.

5. *Leadership Activity Rules* - This attachment describes the leadership activities for this year's Rally. There will be separate activities for High School and Middle School. Please go over this attachment so you and your team will be ready to participate.

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