Dear Friend,

Twenty years ago the Georgia FFA Alumni started the Agricultural Teacher
Hall of Fame. I remember Mr. Cheek and Mr. Phelps had a dream of having an
area at the Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center to construct a permanent display
honoring the achievements of these great individuals. There is an area in
the new dining hall and the funding for this display has been secured.

I need your help because many of the pictures that I have are very poor
quality. Attached is a list of all the Hall of Fame recipients. The ones
marked in Red and Green need a better picture. If you have access to a
better picture for any of these individuals will you please mail it to the
address below. The print will be returned once it is scanned into a high
resolution electronic copy. It is preferred to have a 5x7 or 8x10 to get
the best image. This is an important tribute to the great teachers that
have came before us in Georgia, and we want this display to look awesome.

We are planning to have the display completed at the mid-winter teachers
conference in January, so I need them soon. Once the display is completed
it will be very difficult and expensive to update any of the pictures.  I
can be reached by telephone at (404) 558-4756 if you have any questions.
Please send this list to anyone you think that might can help. Thank you
for your assistance.

Todd Teasley
Camp Director of Leadership and Development
Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center's
720 FFA FHA Camp Road
Covington, GA 30014
Office (770) 787-6411
Cell: (404) 558-4756
Fax 770 786 1774

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