Thank you to all of the students who participated in the Area 1 Tractor
Driving CDE held yesterday at the Calhoun Experiment Station River Farm.
I'd like to take this opportunity to call out a few chapters who went above
and beyond to help take down tents, dismantle the tractor driving course
load the trailer and clean up. Thank you to Creekside High School FFA
members and their Advisors, Mr. Traves Hyman and Mrs. Veronica Owens,
Adairsville High School FFA members and their Advisor, Mr. Adam Joslin and
to Cass High School for supplying the spreader and to Mr. Dean and his
students for loading it up.

Thank you also to all Advisors and students for your patience and
understanding as we waited for our tractor to arrive.

FFA membership and the results have been verified.The top two individuals
have earned the right to represent Area 1 in the State Tractor Driving CDE
at ABAC in December.

1st place - Andy Brownell, Pickens County High School - Advisor, Mr. Jason

2nd place - Kameron Depasquale, Cass High School - Advisor, Mr. Joey Dean

A summary of the scores is attached.

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