Please remember that POA, Budget, Ag Ed Enrollment and FFA Rosters are due today.  

FFA rosters and Ag Ed Enrollment are to be completed online.  You DO NOT have to send the Region office anything for these two items.  We can get that information from the website.  
If you need help with either your enroll or your roster, please use the help guides online.

POA and FFA Budgets can be delivered to the Region office or can be emailed to [log in to unmask] 

All electronic submissions must be in PDF format!!!

·         Applications will only be accepted in PDF format. There are many ways to accomplish this. Simplest way would be to complete the entire document with pictures and needed signatures and then scan the document and save as a PDF.

·         Please research your own email capabilities before relying on electronic submission. Some School systems may limit file size thereby eliminating this as an option. 

·         Electronic submission is only an option…not a requirement

·         All documents should be emailed to [log in to unmask].

Thank you,
Melissa Riley