Fifty-two students competed last night in the Floral Design CDE held at
Cass High School. I would like to thank Mr. Dean for working with us on the
facilities. I would also like to thank all the help I received setting up
from the the North Region staff. To the ladies who helped score the test
and ID, Mrs. Holloway, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Dysart, Ms. Jarrett, and Mrs.
Cockburn, Thank You! We never would have finished as early as we did
without your help.
I also had the best helper anyone could ever ask for in our Area 1
President, Emma Long!

Teachers, please do me a HUGE favor. If you and your students did not get a
survey card last night, please print out the attached sheets and have your
floral design competitors (and any other student who competed yesterday) as
well as yourself fill out the appropriate survey.
We really want to use the data we collect to improve our CDEs.

We couldn't have done this without some very dedicated individuals who
offered up their evening to come judge the event. Ms. Kathy Deitz, Mr. Art
D'Ambrosio, and Mrs. Sue Smith. We can't say thanks enough to our judges.

Please take a moment to write a thank you note to our judges who took time
to spend with our students:

Ms. Kathy Dietz
K. Mike Whittle Designs
156 Church Street NE
Marrietta, GA 30060

Ms. Dietz also provided the ID material

Mr. Art D'Ambrosio
Northwest Georgia Technical College
One Maurice Culberson Drive
Rome, Georgia 30161

Mrs. Sue Smith
226 Hames Road
Unit #425
Woodstock, GA 30188

The full results are attached. The top two in each category are listed
1st Place - Karen Torres - North Murray High, advisor - Mrs. Ruby McCracken
2nd Place - Addi Altman - Mt. Zion High, advisor - Mrs. Nikki Webb

1st Place - Jordan Dean - Pickens County High, advisors - Ms. Cassidy Byess
and Mr. Jason Cantrel
2nd Place - Kayla Bailey - Saddle Ridge Middle, advisor - Mrs. Ashton Little

Josh Allen
North Region Ag Education
204 Four Towers
Athens, GA 30602
706-552-4466 office
706-202-0770 cell