If you have competitors in the Floral Design CDEs this week, here's some things to note:

Registration is time consuming, please have your payment ready (please take checks out of the envelope and tear off the extra stuff, I only need the check).

Please be sure your students have the following:

- Clipboard and pencil(s) for all competitors
- Floral scissors and/or snips
- Wire cutters
- a small hand held broom/dustpan for area cleanup
- 5 gallon bucket for keeping flowers
- 1 gallon jug of water already full as there is limited access to faucets and this is typically the thing that causes us to start late.

- SENIORS may want to bring an extra vase or bouquet holder stand

 *All other materials/supplies will be supplied for the student. Students should not bring their own ribbon or wire.

CDE Dress
It is recommended that students either wear official dress or a chapter shirt. They can take their jackets off while designed if needed.  

Photo Opportunities
Advisors/Teachers and/or parents will not be allowed in the contest area.  Photo opportunities will be made available after the competition once judges have reviewed and scored the designs.
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