Scores have been tallied and the Area 2 ENR winners have been determined. I would like to thank everyone that competed in the Area 2 ENR CDE yesterday at East Jackson High School. A big thank you to Felipe Pedraza and Greg Gilman for letting us use their facilities and helping us get everything set up. Thank you to Mr. Bill Lott and Jimmy Mock for helping set up and proctor the identification portion. I also want to thank all of the teachers that helped in scoring ID papers and GPS score sheets (Kipp Jackson, Kathrine Bell, Samantha Kickbush, Tim Griffeth, Amanda Keener, Kellie Daniel).  The top two teams in each division qualify for the State CDE which will be held on Dec. 7th-8th at ABAC. 

Rosters have been checked and these results are official. 

Area 2 Jr. ENR winners are: 1st Place - Banks County High School - Advisor - Kipp Jackson
                                             2nd Place - Habersham Central High School - Advisors - Amy Crump and Tim Boling
                                             Jr. High Individual was Carlie Cochran from Banks County High School

Area 2 Sr. ENR winners are: 1st Place - Banks County High School - Advisor - Kipp Jackson 
                                               2nd Place - White County High School - Advisor - Amanda Keener
                                               Sr. High Individual was Holden Thomas from White County High School
Rosters have been checked and results are attached.

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