Good Morning Teachers,

Tomorrow is the Satilla EMC Training in Alma, see the address below.

I wanted to email all of you so that you can prepare to have your students
double up on the wiring panels for we have 21 students registered at this
point!  9 Chapters and Advisors -AWESOME!!! With that being said, some
expressed at the Colquitt EMC that they would like to double up their
students for ease of being able to work with them. If you would like to do
that tomorrow and could let me know via phone/text by 9:45 tomorrow
morning, that would greatly ease the set-up progress for tomorrow. It would
also ease the take down process, for it would eliminate having to take down
and pack up materials that would not have been used.  Also, if you and any
of your students are going to cancel, please let me know via phone
call/text at the number below. Below is the tentative schedule we will

Tentative agenda:

1:00 to 2:00 PM  Speech Demo

2:00 to 3:00 PM will be Problem Solving

3:00 to 5:00 Wiring Problem and clean-up

Meal and dismissal.


928 GA-32, Alma, GA 31510

Finally, ensure that you and your students thank the Satilla EMC staff for
what they are doing!! Their support is enormous and help is insurmountable
when it comes to sponsorship of the Georgia Agricultural Education Program!


Jerry Stone
Area Agricultural Mechanics Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
ABAC 34, 2802 Moore Hwy
Tifton, Ga. 30602
Cell: (229) 891 - 6020