The Office of International Education is proud to recognize students committed to globalizing the UGA community with the new Global Excellence Certificate.
This certificate seeks to recognize undergraduate and graduate students who actively strive to globalize the UGA community through their studies, activities, and relationships on campus. Students should demonstrate a strong commitment to the following:
§   Engagement in, and the promotion of, meaningful cross-cultural relationships
§   Involvement and/or leadership in multicultural campus activities and events
§   Participation in global coursework and/or second language learning
o   Examples of global coursework may include:
§  Education abroad/studying in the US as an international student
§  Pursuing UGA courses or certificates with international components
Application materials must include:
§  Three bulleted statements of the top ways you demonstrate a commitment to globalizing the UGA community
§  Applicant’s photo: professional headshot if possible or action shot demonstrating applicant’s global commitment 
§  Maximum one page statement explaining the ways in which you feel you exemplify the criteria for this award as a student at UGA
§  Letter of support from a faculty or staff member who can directly speak to your demonstrated efforts toward the criteria of this award (letter should not exceed one page)
If you wish to be considered for this Certificate please go to our formsite here:
Applications will be due by November 3rd.

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