For those of you in graduate school - Two online courses designed for agricultural education teachers are being offered by the UGA Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication. Both of them are designed to accommodate the needs of agriculture teachers with hectic schedules (which is just about everybody teaching in Georgia). They are:


ALDR 6600 The Global Seminar - Global Issues in Agriculture and the Environment

This course examines the issues affecting international agricultural industry. The class addresses how agriculture fits into and affects societal, social, political, and economic forces that drive agriculture. Specific attention with be directed toward ethics, issues, and policies that drive agriculture.


How to register: Register for ALDR 6600 (CRN 30279) on the Tifton Campus. Course materials will be online and available to students who are at a distance.


ALDR 8300 History and Philosophy of Agricultural and Extension Education

The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the major events and factors that have contributed to the development of Agricultural Education in the United States. By the end of this course the student will possess a foundational knowledge of why American Agricultural and Extension Education is as it is today. This course includes detailed information on the history and development of the FFA.


How to register: Register for ALDR 8300 (CRN 44997) on the Tifton Campus. Course materials will be online and available to students who are at a distance. The course will be a blend of asynchronous modules and periodic class meetings designed to fit around CDE events and other activities.


Course registration information can be found here:


Questions about these course should be directed to Barry Croom at [log in to unmask], or by telephone at 229-392-1577.


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