Here it is!!!
Please pay attention to the notes below. The order form is almost identical
to last year. There are minimal pricing updates and only three or four
deleted items. Other than that, you could almost use last year's order form
(but don't).

Important items to note:

1. To reduce the chances of back-ordered and/or cancelled items, we had to
pick one ship date. There is no perfect date that everyone will like, so I
just split the difference and the plants will be shipped the week of
February 11th. This means they should arrive on the 12th or 13th. This may
be a quick turn around for some of you getting ready to go to the state
livestock shows, but it's what we have to deal with. By letting you know
now, hopefully you can plan accordingly.

2. There is an 8 tray minimum order for the Knox Nursery Seed Plugs
(highlighted blue on the spreadsheet). There is a 6 tray minimum order for
the Knox Nursery Vegetative Plugs (highlighted red on the spreadsheet).
There is a 4 tray minimum order for the James Greenhouse Perennial Plugs
(highlighted green on the spreadsheet).
*If you want fewer than the minimum trays, you need to work with another
school to combine your order.*

3. There are a couple of exciting options in the seed plug section again
this year. I've highlighted these sections pink. Fuseables are combo plugs
that include a pre-selected variety of plants intended for hanging baskets
or planters. Pricing may appear a little high, but you will only need to
place 2 plugs per 10" basket, or 3 plugs per 12" basket. I think this is a
great option.

4. For submitting your orders. You can only type in the yellow cells. You
do not need to put zeros (0) in the cells for items you do not want.

5. ALL ORDERS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 12/12. There is no wiggle room for
accepting late orders. Payment is not expected until February and invoices
will be sent out once all orders are confirmed by the vendors.

6. To submit your order form, please use the 'Save As' function in Excel,
and for the file name, replace North Region with your school name. For
example, Mr. Pankey at Dawson County would name his order: Dawson County
High Spring 2019 Order Form

7. The prices you see are the actual delivered prices, so you can go ahead
and request a PO now if you need to do so.

Josh Allen
North Region Ag Education
204 Four Towers
Athens, GA 30602
706-552-4466 office
706-202-0770 cell