PLEASE work with your students on how to fill out the scan tron sheet we will be using for the Floriculture CDE. I have attached the instructions.

One problem that I saw Monday with the new scan tron sheets was several students filled the plant id section out incorrectly. I've never had this issue with the old sheets we have used in the past and they are very similar. There are three columns for each three digit answer. However, the number 1 is above the middle column (which makes sense because that's the center of that section) and several students started their answers there, leaving the first column blank. You would think when they got to the end of that row (#15) and only had two columns left for a three digit answer that they would have figured it out. Instead, they just put the third digit on the next row (the first column of #16) and kept on going. PLEASE BE SURE THEY START WITH THE FIRST COLUMN.
I also had several senior students put the exam and problem solving in the wrong sections. Both of these problems caused a significant slow down in getting scores out for the Area 1 event.
Another issue is letters and/or numbers not staying within the box. When fill out their names on the front of the scorecard, the letters of their name MUST stay within the box. If they drop below the box and even get near the first row of bubbles, it totally screws up their name. In the same manner, on the ID sections, if the students write the number of the specimen (which I highly recommend), those numbers MUST stay within the box as well. If they get anywhere near the first row of bubbles the scanner will read that as an invalid answer because there are two bubbles marked in one column. I had around 300 errors to check after Monday's event. PLEASE BE SURE THEY STAY WITHIN THE BOX.

We have 25 Senior teams and 32 Junior teams registered. I'm going to need your help. If you are willing to serve as a group leader, please email me and let me know. We all want this event to run efficiently and fairly for all students. Thank you in advance for your willingness to help.

Josh AllenĀ 
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