Registration for the Area 2 Middle School and High School Lawnmower CDE's will be outside the classroom at the UGA Livestock Instructional Arena. The classroom is in a short hallway to the left after you enter the lobby. Students will need to register and turn in their waiver before reporting to the middle school or high school driving courses which will be set up in the covered arena behind the lobby.

The written exam and problem solving for both CDE's will be conducted in the same classroom where students will register. Teachers are asked to wait outside or in the lobby during the contest. It will be cold and damp, please make sure your students are dressed appropriately. Please have students bring # 2 pencils for the test and problem solving and remember that hearing protection and safety glasses are required.

We have 20 middle school students and 22 high school students registered to compete. Both courses will be set up and ready for drivers by 2:30 for anyone who can come on early. If you have registered a student and know that they will not be competing tomorrow, please email me and let me know so that I can make adjustments to the scoring spreadsheet. beforehand. Thank you so much to those of you who have let me know ahead of time that students were not coming.

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