Another 200+ students last night!
I would like to thank the teachers and who jumped in and served as group leaders and those who helped sort scantrons at the conclusion of the event. The event wouldn't have run as smoothly if these teachers and UGA students hadn't volunteered to help out.
Now, for what you're really waiting for...the results.

Senior Floriculture
1st Place - White County High School, advisor, Amanda Keener
2nd Place - Franklin County High School, advisor, Cale Watkins
High Individual - Addie Bolton, White County High School

Junior Floriculture
1st Place - Loganville Middle School, advisor, Justin Youngblood
2nd Place - Malcom Bridge Middle School, advisor, Brandon Walker
High Individual - Brenna Pursley, Oconee County Middle

Full results are attached
**Please note that the wrong variety of Bromeliad was used last night and therefore it was removed from the answer key. Therefore, the highest possible ID score for both juniors and seniors is 240.

If you did not pick up one of our survey cards, I have attached both the student and advisor survey's below. Please print these out for your students so they can scan the QR code and complete the survey.

Teachers, if you see an error on any of your student's names, please let me know so I can fix that in our master sheet. We use these names to create your certificates at the end of the year and we want to be sure all your students can be proud of their accomplishments (and we have spelled their names correctly).

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