Congratulations the following students for placing first and second in the
Area 5 & 6 EMC CDE yesterday at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.
Rosters have been checked and scores have now become official.

*Area 5*
*1st Place - Robert Mitchell - Colquitt County - Stacey Beacham, Advisor*
*2nd Place - Hunter Coker - Pelham High - Justin Sealy and Will Burt,

*Area 6*
*1st Place - Ty Padgett - Jeff Davis County - Crandall Parlor, Advisor*
*2nd Place - Joel Culpepper - Echols County - Hank Majeski, Advisor*

Thank you to Todd Hicks and Ray Lundy and the staff at ABAC for hosting the
event and allowing us to use their shop.

Thanks to Ray Lundy for the AWESOME MEAL he cooked and prepared for us!!!

Thanks to the ABAC Ag Education students (advisors Dr. Frank Flanders and
Dr. Sallie McHugh) who assisted with set-up on Wednesday for they really
did an excellent job and made things real efficient as far as time goes in
setting up!

Thank you to the ABAC AET Students for their help with set-up on Wednesday!

Thank you to Mr. Von Peavy and Melvin Thompson for their assistance with

As always, a big Thank You to all of the EMC personnel involved.  Georgia's
EMCs provide a level of support that is above and beyond for this CDE and
FFA support in general.  They are a great example of what an industry
partner should be.

I want to thank all EMC Employees who helped with the Wiring Practicum,
Speech Demo, Problem Solving and Supply Store:

Jason Smith - Coastal EMC
Josh Lee- Slash Pine EMC
Dewayne Johns- Okefenokee EMC
Royce Proctor- Okefenokee EMC
Bruce Bailey- Colquitt EMC
Kyle Durrence -Canoochee EMC
Nathan Ireland- Mitchell EMC
John Mark Bryant- Grady EMC
Scott Dubose- Grady EMC
Kyle Henderson- Grady EMC
Andy Varnadore- Satilla EMC
Justin Franks- Satilla EMC

Scores have been verified and rosters checked.  The top two wiring
contestants from above in each respected Area will advance to the 51st
Annual State EMC CDE championship in Covington at the FFA/FCCLA Center on
Saturday January 12th, 2019

A complete set of results is attached.


Jerry Stone
Area Agricultural Mechanics Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
ABAC 34, 2802 Moore Hwy
Tifton, Ga. 30602
Cell: (229) 891 - 6020