Dear Georgia Agricultural Education Teachers,

My name is Patricia Williams and I am a former Georgia Agriculture Education Teacher. I am a graduate student currently working on a Doctorate Degree in Workforce Education at UGA. The purpose of my research study is to acknowledge the barriers, benefits and resources of school gardens as they relate to agricultural education classrooms. This voluntary research study will ask you to respond to statements by sharing your level of agreement and how true specific qualities are for you. You will be asked to share some demographic information as well. You will be asked to include your name only to allow us to follow up with those who excel in the area of garden based learning. No names or identifiable information will be published. 

Due to the fact that you are an agricultural education teacher in Georgia, your insight and opinions are very valuable. This research involves the transmission of data sent via the Internet. Every reasonable effort has been taken to ensure the effective use of available technology; however, confidentiality during online communication cannot be guaranteed. Also, note that no personal or identifiable information will be gathered in this survey except your name. You may choose not to participate or to stop the survey at any time without penalty. By completing this questionnaire, you are agreeing to participate in the described research project. Please click the following link to complete the online questionnaire.


There are no anticipated risks or discomforts from participation in this study. There are also no direct benefits to participants. However, this study will contribute to the literature on school gardens, It will also identify benefits, barriers and resources of school gardens and school garden curriculum within the agricultural education programs in Georgia. While there is a lot of research on garden-based learning at the elementary school level, there is very little research on garden-based learning/instruction at the middle and high school level. Therefore, this study will be useful for further garden program implementation in Georgia agriculture programs and schools. The results from this study may be published however, any potential identifying information will not be used. I encourage you to complete this survey as it will provide Agricultural Education with important information and assist in my path to graduation.

If you have any additional information about this research project, please feel free to contact me at [log in to unmask] or Dr. Roger Hill, the study Principal Investigator at [log in to unmask]. Questions or concerns about your rights as a research participant should be directed to University of Georgia Institutional Review Board; (706) 542-3199; email address [log in to unmask].


Patricia Williams, Co-Principal Investigator

Ed.D. Candidate

Department of Workforce Education, Leadership and Social Foundations

University of Georgia

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Christa Steinkamp

Georgia Agricultural Education

Curriculum & Technology Director

1420 Experiment Station Road

Watkinsville, GA 30677
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