Ag Teachers,

It was great getting to spend the past two days with you at Mid-Winter conference. I enjoyed the fellowship and discussions. Thank you again for the great work that you do.

FFA Report
Attached is a copy of the FFA Report that I shared on Thursday night at the opening session. I realize that you were hit with a lot of information during that 36 hours, so I hope that you will take time to look back over this information and let me know if you have questions.

SAE For All materials
I appreciate those of you who attend the SAE for All workshop. If you missed it, I encourage you to look over the SAE For All Advisor Guide and Student Guide, as well as other materials available in the SAE for All initiative. Those materials are available on the National Council for Agricultural Education website ( I will be working with Mrs. Christa Steinkamp to get these documents put on the SAE portion of our Georgia AgEd website as well.

Have a great rest of your week, and thanks for your commitment. It’s a honor working with you.

Ben Lastly
Executive Secretary
Georgia FFA Association
316 Poultry Science – UGA
Athens, GA 30602
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Office: (706) 552-4456
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