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Do you have students who love the cattle industry and want to be involved?




Check out the upcoming Junior Contests that will take place at the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association Annual Convention & Trade Show in Perry, GA!


à Photo Contest

à Stockman’s Quiz

à Create A Brand

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Visit  for entry forms and more information


**win cash prizes and be recognized at the GCA Convention**

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Where: Georgia National Fairgrounds

When: April 4-6 (click on each contest for specific information on exact date & time)

Why: Get involved with students from across the state, ages up to 21 and still in college, learn more about the Cattle Industry, and win prizes!




Even if your students wish not to participate in the Junior Contests, we encourage their attendance! GCA Convention will be packed full of leading

industry professionals giving presentations, and you won’t walk away without gaining something. Teachers and students are welcome to any part of our convention!

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Follow this link for convention registration:




If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the programs at the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association Annual Convention & Trade Show, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Have a blessed weekend! Click here for the tentative Convention Schedule.


Charlsy Godowns

Director of Association Services

Georgia Cattlemen's Association

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Cell: 770-490-6391

Office: 478-474-6560

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