It is getting close to the time of the year for the State Livestock Shows in Perry at the Georgia National Fairgrounds and as always we need your help in getting the shows to run smoothly.

I have attached a link where you can view where we need help with each of the shows. You can only view the list you cannot add your name, If you would like to help please email the show superintendent or an Area Animal science Teacher and they will put your name down.

The show Superintendents for Ag Ed are:
Dairy Heifers- Stan Mitchell
Steer- Christa Steinkamp
Beef Heifer- Ricky Wheeler
Market Hogs- Tommy Waldrop
Breeding Ewes- Kent Benson
Breeding Does- Trisha Lastly

The link to view:

Thank you in advance
Tommy Waldrop
Area Animal Science Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
office 229.386.3196
cell 229.326.3053
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