I've attached a complete list of those students we have registered to compete next week in the Area preliminary speaking events. Participation is through the roof! Thank you for working with your students to provide awesome leadership and personal development through preparing and participating in these speaking events.

For those of you who keep up with things like this, here's a breakdown on the number of students competing in each division:
Creed: Area 1 - 45, Area 2 - 66
Extemp: Area 1 - 31, Area 2 - 25
Jr Prepared: Area 1 - 22, Area 2 - 23
Sr Prepared: Area 1 - 28, Area 2 - 23

The Prepared Speaking Registration document includes both areas and both divisions. The students listed are those we have manuscripts for. If you think you should have a student on the list, please let me know immediately as we are missing their manuscript and need to figure out why.
Presentation room assignments for prepared speaking will be generated ahead of time. Presentation room assignments for Creed and Extemp will be made on-site.
As always, if you have a situation arise where you know in advance that your student will not be attending the event, please let us know as this may affect the number of rooms and/or judges we need.

Josh AllenĀ 
North Region Ag Education
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