North Region Practice Horse Judging Event

Date - March 2nd
Meet -  Farm View Market in Madison at 12:00 noon.
          2610 Eatonton Road, Madison
Judging Location - Jason English Show Horses
            4031 Eatonton Road, Madison
Contest Format: This is Not A Contest 
1 Enter up to 6 students on Senior level  and/ or 6 students on a Junior level
2. Judge 4 classes
       A.. Performance Mares
       B. Performance Geldings
       C. Hunter Under Saddle
       D. Western Pleasure
3. Western Riding Class Demonstration
4. Placing cards will be collected after each class
5. After each class a critique will be given.
6. Return to Farm View Market
7. Reasons 2 sets - 1 halter, 1 performance
8. Scores will be given to teachers at the end of the event.

Kent Benson
Georgia Agricultural Education
North Region Animal Science Area Teacher
706-552-4463  Office
530-574-3687  Cell