The Area 6 Middle and High School Lawnmower Career Development Events were
held yesterday at Brantley County Middle School and we had a good turn out
and ate plenty of pizza chocolate icing cake- As Sonny's would say,

I want to thank Mrs. Krista Morris and the students of the of Brantley
Middle FFA for their help with setting up the driving courses as well as
their hospitality.

Chad Crews for his help setting up the courses as well.

A huge, much appreciated help from all of the Ag teachers who helped
tear-down and trailer load-up from yesterday's event

Big thanks to Principal Chris Harris, Mrs. Pat Herrin, and Mrs. Racheal
Baxley for their help with conducting the Problem Solving and the Exam
portions of the CDE!

I would also like to thank Mr. Stacey Beacham for his assistance and help
with the judging of yesterday's contest!!!

If you see any of these people give them a huge thank you!!!

The top 2 from each event will represent Area 6 at the State Lawnmower CDE
which will be held on February 9th (Next Saturday) in Ft. Valley. More
details will be coming later.

Congratulations to the following FFA members for advancing to the State

*Middle School *
1st Place:  *Gavin Baxley* of the *Brantley Middle* FFA, Advisor *Krista
2nd Place: *Gabriel Claxton* of the *Jeff Davis Middle* FFA, Advisor *Chesley

*High School*
1st Place: *Stanley Rush* of the *McIntosh Academy *FFA, Advisor *John
2nd Place: *Riley Johns* of the *Brantley Co. High* FFA, Advisor *Chad

Please see attachment for a complete list of results.


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