The Middle School Record Book Deadline is Monday, April 1, 2019.  This is
an IN OFFICE deadline.

 Each chapter is allowed to submit a maximum of one Middle School Record
Book per category (nine total) for judging above the chapter level.
The 9 categories are:
Power Structure and Technical Systems
Ag Sales/ Marketing/ Services
Natural Resource Systems
Crop Production
Small/Specialty Animal
Home and Community Development/Leadership
*If you submit multiple record books in the same category, only one will be
evaluated and scored.
**IMPORTANT-*  If your student is chosen as an AREA FINALIST, there will be
no time for revision between area results, and state judging. This is
different from years past.

*Submission: *
Middle School Record Books may be submitted electronically.
*If the record book is electronically submitted, *NOT* as a  PDF; it will
not receive full points.

*Guidelines: *
Please review the Award Guidelines and Record Book Application; the record
book was changed in last years CDE & Awards Revisions. CLICK HERE

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