Attached are a few items you might find useful for providing feedback,
recognizing your team, as well as training future teams.

- Press Release - please use the attached press release to high light the
success of your teams in your local community
- Study PowerPoints - attached are both the junior and senior plants and
disorders from the contest this week.  Feel free to use these to review
with your team or practice for next year
- Below are surveys to provide feedback about the event

Please fill out the surveys for suggestions to improve our Nursery
Landscape CDE.

 Central Region CDE Student Survey FY19
 Central Region CDE Advisor Survey FY19

Thanks, Melissa

Melissa Riley
Central Region Ag Education
Horticulture Teacher
1005 State University Drive,  Box 4060
Fort Valley, GA 31030
office - 478-825-6067
cell - 478-973-4071