The registration link is now open on the GA Ag Ed website for the Living to
Serve activities scheduled for our day of service event on Thursday, April
25th.  A link below is also provided for your convenience.

*Important Reminders:*

   - Register each chapter separately (this includes Middle and High
   Schools in the same county) It's much easier with data reporting later
   - Pay attention to the last Item on the Registration page this is where
   you notify me of:
      - Chapters riding together that need to work together
      - students with special needs
      - anything that you think I need to know or specific areas of service
   - Make sure to include all adults participating in your numbers
   - The registration link will close on April 12th to allow time for final
   - T-Shirts will be provided - as in the past, a specific t-shirt order
   form will be sent only to those who register - go ahead and gather sizes
   - Lunches and bottled water will be provided - drinks, chips, cookies,
   etc.. will be distributed when we meet that morning (bring coolers with ice
   for water/drinks)  Sandwiches will be delivered on site

*Planned Activities*

   - House Painting - Partnering with Rebuilding Macon
   - Site Work - Partnering with Macon Parks and Beautification
   - Yard Work (NEW) - Performing yard work for those who can't
   - Rescue Mission - Raised Bed Gardens
   - Rescue Mission - Thrift Store
   - Daybreak - Homeless Ministry of DePaul
   - Ocmulgee National Historic Site
   - Other opportunities may develop!

The participation of FFA members in this activity continues to grow.  If
the growth continues with the same pattern as the last 4 years, we will
have 1000 participants engaged in service activities in the Macon area on
April 25th.  Thank you to all the veteran participants and welcome to the
new ones as we take a few hours of time to provide a variety of welcome
services to the Macon community.

*Living to Serve Registration 2019*

Remember, true service comes at a sacrifice.  Work hard, invest your time,
smile, and show Macon how much we care!

Let me know if you have any questions.


Kevin Jump
Area Mechanics Teacher
Central Region Agricultural Education
PO Box 4060
1005 State University Drive
Fort Valley, GA  31030
478 825 6068 office
478 230 8344 cell
478 825 6980 fax