Good Morning North Region

It is the time of the year we have all been waiting for!

The event registration page is up for the Area 1 Annual Program Review time
slot is now active. All Area 1 teachers should go to the event registration
page on the gaaged website and choose one of the two dates, locations, and
a slot. The choices will be April 1st at Sonoraville High School and April
8th at the Yanmar Training facility. Slots are 20 minutes each so please
have your review notebook in good order.

All Area 2 teachers should be arranging a time with their local
Administration to conduct their review. Information was shared with the
CTAE Directors at their Mid Winter Conference that they will be responsible
for conducting the program reviews for their Ag Teachers. Make sure that
you have this completed and a signed (by your CTAE Director) copy of your
FY19 POW scanned and emailed to our office by April 12th. You can send it
to the [log in to unmask] email. You will each be sent a
POW checksheet of all of the data that we collect here in our office. We
will generate these checksheets on March 28-29 and will have them to you on
Monday, April 1st.

All first year teachers in Area 2 will be contacted by the Area Teacher
assigned to you to set up a time for your review.

If you have any questions please call me or email me.

Stan Mitchell
North Region Director
Agricultural Education
204 Four Towers
University of Georgia
Athens, Ga. 30602
Office 706-552-4468
Cell 706-338-7230
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