Weekly SISA-L Newsletter (3-18-19)

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Upcoming Events/Announcements

  *   Education Abroad 101 Session Schedule (These are a mandatory first step to studying abroad!)<>
  *   Global Education Drop-in Info Table Schedule<>
  *   Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines<>
  *   OGE Student Jobs Announcement<>
  *   Apply to be an EAA exec board member - Deadline 3/18<>
  *   Asia-Georgia Internship Information Session 3/20<>
  *   UGA Exchanges Group Advising 3/21<>
  *   Summer Study Abroad Options Session 3/27<>
  *   Enter the EAA Study Abroad Essentials Giveaway by 3/27<>
  *   Peace Corps Stories 3/28<>
  *   U.S. Career Forum for Japanese-English Bilinguals 3/30<>
  *   Peace Corps Coffee Advising 3/30<>
  *   The Most Affordable European Cities to Visit<>
  *   New Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens Traveling to Europe<> Beginning 2021<>
  *   Interested in doing a social media takeover?<>
  *   Pre and Post Study Abroad Housing Facebook Group<>
  *   Online Spanish Language Certificate Opportunity<>
  *   Peace Corps Prep Certificate Opportunity<>

UGA International Centers

  *   Learn how you can enhance your academic career by spending a term abroad at one of our UGA International Centers in Cortona, Costa Rica, & Oxford!<>
  *   Spring 2020 Early Application & Scholarship Deadline 4/20<>
  *   Explore Scholarship Opportunities<>
  *   Stop byJittery Joe's, Tate or Lamar Dodd School of Art to learn more - Weekly Schedule<>


  *   Scholarship Links & Upcoming Deadlines<>
  *   UGA Scholarship Deadlines 3/18-4/02<>
  *   Asia-Georgia Internship Scholarship - Information Session 3/20<>
  *   Freeman-Asia Scholarship Application Now Open - Deadline 4/05<>
  *   Phi Kappa Phi's Award Programs<>
  *   GODEC Scholarships for Australia, New Zealand & England - Deadlines Vary<>
  *   Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship - Deadlines vary<>
  *   CAPA Study Abroad Scholarships<> - Deadlines vary<>
  *   CIMBA Adversity Award Scholarships - Deadlines vary<>
  *   Additional Scholarship Resources<>
  *   Study Abroad Fundraising Ideas Document<>
  *   Ideas for reaching out to professionals in your field for support<>
  *   How to start your own fundraising campaign<>

Exchange Programs

  *   Group Advising 3/21<>
  *   Spotlighted Exchanges<>

Non-UGA Program Spotlights

  *   Non-UGA Programs <> Group Advising Session 4/08<>
  *   STA Travel Discount for IES Students<>
  *   Sciences Po Summer School<>
  *   Cultural Vistas - Internship Programs<>
  *   S<>TEM Internships in Australia<>
  *   Explore CIS Program offerings including Maymesters, Australia, China/Thailand, and Business in Prague!<>

Global Education Alumni Resources

  *   Apply to be an EAA exec board member - Deadline 3/18<>
  *   U.S. Career Forum for Japanese-English Bilinguals 3/30<>
  *   Need help with housing considerations? Pre & Post Study Abroad Housing Facebook Group for Sublets<>
  *   Job opportunity for those wishing to travel more in the U.S.<>


Meet with Global Education!

  *   Make an appointment<>
  *   Walk in hours<>
  *   Global <> Education Calendar of Events<>
  *   UGA International Centers Weekly Schedule<>

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