Happy Thankful Thursday to each of you South Region Agriculture Teachers!

We in the South Region Office are thankful for you and your students. The
work you do is tremendous and does not go unnoticed.

Please take a look over the names and below that have turned in an American
FFA Degree Application to our office. Please know that this is just the
submitted list not the approved by National FFA list. We want to make sure
we don't miss anyone:

Appling County High - Stacey Hersey
Appling County High - Cheyanne Hope Tomberlin
Atkinson County High - Hasting Tanner
Bainbridge High - Thomas Barber
Berrien County High - Conway McNeil
Bradwell Institute - Andrew Howard
Brantley County High - Shaina Flowers
Brantley County High - Cameron Flowers
Brooks County High - Javier Duarte
Camden County High - Jamie Kingsley-Withrow
Coffee County High - Kara Vaughn
Coffee County High - Alana Atkinson -* Star AgriBusiness Battery *
Coffee County High - Logan Atkinson
Colquitt County High - Edwin Espindola
Colquitt County High - William Murdock Wynn - *Star Placement Battery *
Colquitt County High - Lane Goodroe
Colquitt County High - Mary Grace Harbin
Echols County High - Colton Crosby
Irwin County High - Drew Tucker
Irwin County High - Sammi Bowen
Irwin County High - Maribeth Tomberlin
Irwin County High - Emilee Dovers
Golden Isles Career Academy - DeAndre Alston
Jeff Davis High - Coley Watts
Jeff Davis High - Taylor Hutchinson
Jeff Davis High - Sofia Lara
Lanier County High - Jacob Hamm
Lanier County High - Brady Stokes
Long County High - Marissa Pitts
Lowndes County High - Courtney Cameron - *Star AgriScience Battery *
Lowndes County High - Clay Parker
Miller County High - Victoria Fleet
Pataula Charter - Bobby Atchley
Pataula Charter - Tithi Patel
Pierce County High - Emma Tyre
Pierce County High - Autumn Bowen
Thomas County Central High - Jarred James Howell
Thomasville City High - Brynsley Hayes
Tift County High - Sarah Beth Massey
Tift County High - Ashley Jensen
Tift County High - Jared Cook
Seminole County High - Edwin Ross
Seminole County High - Jackson Kyle Newberry
Seminole County High - Alyssa Adams
Seminole County High - Ethan Scarborough
Wayne County High - Aaron Clary
Wayne County High - Rebecca Proudfoot
Wayne County High - Rick Vanderveen

*48 *total and that ain't bad!!

Nice work making sure that the students that have earned this degree
receive it!
*Trisha Rae Lastly *
*South Region Agriculture Education *
*Area Horticulture Teacher *
*2802 Moore Hwy - ABAC 34*
*Tifton, GA 31793*
*Cell: 229-894-0507*
*Office: 229-386-3428*