I want to emphasize the Final Steps necessary to any of you who have made American Degree App changes that are due today.  Below (in blue) is the excerpt from Ben's email sent May 24th that details those final steps:

Final Steps
To make the revisions requested, your student (or you) should follow these steps. 
1. Login to your MyFFA account and access the application manager and American Degree application
2. Go to the page(s) that need revising and make the revisions
3. In the left side menu bar scroll down to the “Complete/Print Your Application” link and select it.
4. You will see a button to Complete and generate a PDF file of the application. I encourage you to do that.
You DO NOT have to resubmit another hard copy of the application. Simply complete and generate a PDF online. I will then have access to the most revised version of the application.
5. Email me to let me know that your student’s application(s) have been revised so that I can confirm the changes. 

Finally, please know that all changes to American Degree applications need to be made by Monday, June 10.  If you have questions, call me. Thanks. 

Ben Lastly

If you have any questions, let me know.

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