The registration for the Area Floral Design CDE's is up on the Georgia AG ED Website and login page.  Here is some additional information:


Sign In: 4:00-4:25 PM     Contest Starts:  4:30 PM - Please make sure your students arrive on time as this is a timed event. 


Senior Students:  Create 1 Design, 25 Flower/ Hard Good ID, and 25 question Test 

Junior Students:  Create 1 Design and 25 Flower/Hard Good ID 


T-shirts are available for this event and must be ordered online with event registration.  


*Area 4 FFA Floral Design CDE, Sept 24th @ Toombs County Ag Center

*Area 3 FFA Floral Design CDE, Sept 26th @ Camp John Hope


* There is NO cost of compete in the area contest 

*The designs can be taken home by the student at the end of the competition once scoring is complete.

Tshirts are $10 each 



*There is a 2 week registration window -- the deadline is September 10th, 2019  by 11:00pm for both Area 3 & 4 CDEs.

*All students must be pre-registered for adequate materials to be purchased.

To register for the CDE.

Go to the AG. Ed. Website and log in.

Click on Event Registration.

Click on Area 3 or Area 4 Floral Design CDE Registration.

Click on the edit for each team that your are registering.

Click on edit for the T-shirts that you order. It will make an invoice for your T-shirts and for the cost of the event. 

It has opened to register your teams and closes on 9/10/19 for BOTH AREA CDEs.


Link here for a helpful guide on how to register students. 


*Students should bring their own tools such as: 

-floral scissors, 

-wire cutters, 

- students will also be allowed to use their own floral tape, glue, and wire if they bring them

-a small hand held broom/dustpan for area cleanup, 

-bucket for keeping flowers, 

 *All other materials/supplies will be supplied for the student.



*It is recommended that students either wear official dress or a chapter shirt. They can take their jackets off while designed if needed.  


Photo Opportunities

*Advisors/Teachers and/or parents will not be allowed in the contest area.  Photo opportunities will be made available after the competition once judges have reviewed and scored the designs.



For Jr Guidelines Click Here

For Sr Guidelines Click Here 

but do not limit yourself to these


Click on the following link -

Click on Floral Design Fresh Product for help with Flower ID 

Click on Floral Design Hard Goods and Materials for Equipment ID 

Click on this link - for past scenarios and tests


Thanks for allowing your student to participate in this Career Development Event. If you have questions please let me know. 

Melissa Riley
Central Region Ag Education
Horticulture Teacher
1005 State University Drive,  Box 4060
Fort Valley, GA 31030
office - 478-825-6067
cell - 478-973-4071