Ag Teachers,

Happy Friday! I hope that you've had a good week, and that the new school year is off to a good start for you. I am looking forward to the exciting things that you and your students will do in 2019-20.

This week at the Area teacher meetings you received some FFA updates, including information about completing your AgEd Enrollment and FFA membership roster. I am writing today to let you know that the enrollment and roster system is up and running. Please feel free to begin updating your returning student's enrollment and profile information, adding your new student's enrollment and profile information and then submitting students for FFA membership.

Before completing your AgEd Enrollment - be sure that each teacher has gone into your Account Settings (left side menu) and listed the courses you will teach in 2019-20. You must have your courses uploaded in order for the courses to be available in each student's profile.

AgEd Enrollment
1. In the "Student Enrollment" tab (left side menu bar), update the profile information for all returning students (SAE, courses, personal information)
NOTE: You can do all of this through your account (you or your designee); or you can create a student access code (left side menu) and have each student login to update their own profile. If you have each student update their own profile, you will receive notification in the "Students Pending Approval" link to approve the work the students did.

2. Remove any students listed in the Student Enrollment page who are not taking Agricultural Education classes this year (2019-20). To move a student to the "Deactivated Students" folder, click the red X to the left of their name. If you move a student inadvertently, simply click on the "Deactivated Students" folder (upper right), find the student and reactive them.
NOTE: It is vital that you remove all students who are not taking classes this year. You should only have students listed on your Student Enrollment page who are enrolled in 2019-20.

3. Add new students who have not been part of your program before. On the "Student Enrollment" page, look at the top middle of the page and find the "Add New" button. To add new students who have never been part of your program, click that option, complete all information about the student and hit "Save."
NOTE: You can also set a student access code (left side menu bar) and have new students create their own profile. If you have students create their own profile, you will receive notification in the "Students Pending Approval" link to approve the work the students did.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL NOT TO DUBLICATE STUDENTS! If a student has been in your program before but do not currently show up on your Student Enrollment page, do not add them as "new". Instead, go to the Deactivated Student tab (top right), find their old profile, and reactive them. Then you can update their profile and save their new information.

FFA Membership
1. Once you have your students' (some, or all) profiles updated for this year (2019-20), the students are ready to be submitted for FFA membership. To submit for membership, click on the FFA Roster link (left side menu). You will see two columns on the page. The right side of the page is the list of students who are "Pending Submission," while the left side is the list of students who have been submitted for FFA membership.
2. Carefully review the list of students in the "Pending Submission" column (right side). Each student who has a check-mark beside their name has an updated profile and is ready to be submitted. Students who are on your enrollment page, but missing information in their profile will have a note beside their name with what information is missing. BEFORE YOU HIT SUBMIT, be sure that all students with a checkmark beside their name are legit. This is one last effort to check for duplicates! If you see a student listed twice, DO NOT SUBMIT both. Uncheck one of the names and only submit the student once.
3. Once you hit "submit," the students whose profiles are competed will be made FFA members and their names will be moved to the left side of the page. Once a student has been submitted for FFA membership, they cannot be unsubmitted! Please be sure that double check all "pending" names before submitting.

NEW THIS YEAR - Declaration of Completed Enrollment
As you know, it is an expectation that by October 15, and again on April 1, that teachers complete their AgEd enrollment for that time period. In the past our staff has been able to see student enrollment pages, but has not known when/if a program is completely finished with enrollment. This year we have implemented a Declaration of Completed Enrollment submission. On the left side menu, beneath your FFA Roster, you will notice a "Declaration of Completed Enrollment" link. On that page is a statement of authenticity. As a professional educator, you are giving your word that you have listed all students enrolled in your classes on the student enrollment page. It is important that you click the "Declaration of Completed Enrollment" button on or by the October 15 deadline, and again by the April 1 deadline. Region office staff will be checking on October 16 and April 2, and will follow up with those who have not met the deadline.

When do I hit the submit button for "Declaration of Completed Enrollment"?  - After you know that all students in your classes for that period (by October 15) are listed AND any student not in classes in that period (by October 15) are not listed. We need an accurate accounting of each teacher/program's enrollment as of the October 15 deadline, and we to know that each teacher has signed off that their enrollment is correct.

Can I click the "Declaration of Completed Enrollment" button before October 15? - Yes, but be sure that you're sure. Once you feel comfortable that your enrollment in fall semester classes is settled and each student is listed, you can declare.

Can I submit FFA membership before/after declaring that my enrollment is complete?  - Yes. The FFA membership submission is a separate function of the site. You can submit students for FFA membership well before the October 15 deadline in order to register them for CDEs if necessary. After you declare that your enrollment is completed you will still have access to submit students for FFA membership.

Invoices for Affiliation Fees
Chapters will NOT receive invoices for each membership submission made in 2019-20. Middle School flat fee invoices will be generated around September 1 and will be available in the Account Balances portion of your site. High School invoices will be posted on October 8. That is one week prior to the October 15 deadline. Every student who has been submitted for FFA membership by October 8 will be accounted for on that invoice. You will then have one week to get payment issued. Students submitted for FFA membership after October 8 will be invoiced in March, prior to the April 1 deadline. If you have invoice questions, please call our office.

When questions arise, please do not hesitate to call our office. You are not bothering us, and we want to help you! Have a wonderful weekend, and a blessed 2019-20 school year.

Ben Lastly
Executive Secretary
Georgia FFA Association
316 Poultry Science - UGA
Athens, GA 30602
Email: [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>
Office: (706) 552-4456
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