Hopefully you won't need this, but it's always best to be prepared.

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Here is some helpful information from Atlas Greenhouse. I thought I would
pas it on and y’all could send it to the teachers

Ed Thornton
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Get Your Greenhouse Storm Ready
 Preparing Your Greenhouse For Bad Weather
What steps should you take before a Hurricane arrives?
[image: Satellite view. Hurricane Florence over the Atlantics close to the
US coast . Elements of this image furnished by NASA.]
Dear Valued Customers,

For greenhouse owners, preparing for hurricanes and tropical storms is a
crucial moment. High wind speeds can create severe damage to greenhouse
structures. Bent bows and hoops, tears in poly film, damage from flying
debris, to name a few.

Preparing for a Hurricane Hit

• Remove Greenhouse poly plastic and/or shade cloth if it is possible.
Removing roof covering is essential when hurricane force winds are
expected. Ulltimate damage could be caused by debri being blown into the
poly film covering and causing a parachute effect, ultimately resulting in
structure damage.
• Fill portable containers with water
• Charge batteries and prepare generators
• Secure greenhouse vents and doors
• Move valuable crops into a secure indoor area
• Secure any items that could be picked up by the wind
• Secure any dead or dry tree limbs in the path of your greenhouse
• Recheck your inventory of all essential plants and chemicals

What's Next...
Once the storm is over and the area is safe to survey, be cautious and
check for dangerous conditions such as electrical lines or wires displaced,
gas leaks or flammable liquid exposure, etc. Contact your local authorities
for assistance as needed with the damage. Begin the damage survey process
with photos and documention. Contact your personnel designated for the
salvage process, such as your insurance agency, emergency contractor crew
and your clean-up crew. Maintain safety precautions at all times with
proper supervision. Contact your greenhouse supplier to assess the repairs
needed for your greenhouse.
As always, we are here for you.
Call us at 800-346-9902 or email us at [log in to unmask]
Atlas Greenhouse
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(800) 346-9902
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