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Can you please send this out to your teachers on the list serve. 


It is about time again for the Georgia National Fair and we again are asking for your help in recruiting your students to serve as Ambassadors for the Georgia Grown Baby Barn at the Georgia National Fair in Perry - October 3rd – 13th.  Last year the Baby barn was one of the main attractions of the fair drawing an estimated 180,000 people during the fair’s open hours.  The young people who served as our Ambassadors were a huge part of making this endeavor of the Georgia Grown Baby Barn the big success it was.  These fine young people helped by holding baby pigs, talking to the public about hogs and pigs, helping with the baby calves, answering questions, bottle feeding and assisting the veterinarians with the calf care.  There was one ambassador who even assisted one of the veterinarians with the birth of a calf.   How impressive it was to see these great young people helping tell the agriculture story of the Baby Barn.


If you have students who would be interested in serving as a Baby Barn Ambassador, go to the link


At this link you will find more information on the Baby Barn as well as sign up information.   To clarify the sign up, the form is in a spreadsheet format with tabs at the bottom for each day. We have broken each day into three shifts of four hours each.    On the day or days, you wish to sign up your students as ambassadors, put your name and information on each line for an ambassador.  Example – if you were signing up 4 students for a shift on a certain day, you would list your name and info 4 times.   We will revise the form and send a follow up message for you to complete the form with student name, grade, tee shirt size, and preference of swine of cattle.  Hopefully this will make things easier to understand.  The goal is to have all the Baby Barn Ambassador positions reserved by September 10th.  (You know we must get those tee shirts ordered)  We welcome students who want to serve on more than one shift or several days. 


Also, on the site will be videos and information on the Baby Barn that we ask that you review with your students prior to coming to the Georgia Grown Building at the fair.  There is also a release form that we will need when they arrive.


Again, thank you for your support by helping us with the Baby Barn Ambassador program. We look forward to seeing you and your students at the Georgia National Fair in Perry – October 3rd – 13th


If you have questions, please contact me. 



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