Here is some information that will help you prepare for the Area Vet
Science contests. The area contests for BOTH junior and senior will consist

25 ID questions
25 Exam questions
1 practicum

*Area Contest *
*Question for the test *will only come from
            ***Small Animal Care and Management.*** Warren, 4th edition

  *Handling and Restraining Practicums will be selected from this list:*
1. Removing a Cat from a Cage and Placing in Cat Bag
2. Restraint of the Cat in Lateral Recumbency for Femoral Venipuncture
3. Applying a Cat Muzzle
4. Applying a Nylon Dog Muzzle
5. Applying a Gauze Dog Muzzle

*  Clinical Procedures Practicums:*
1. Administering an Intramuscular Injection
2. Administering a Subcutaneous Injection
3. Filling a Syringe for Injection
4. Opening a Surgery Pack
5. Surgical Site Preparation

Registration will open October 1.
Kent Benson
Georgia Agricultural Education
North Region Animal Science Area Teacher
706-552-4463  Office
530-574-3687  Cell